Do you want to invest or expand your business in Brazil? For this to become feasible, you need to have a specialized and experienced company serving foreign companies.


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Fortus Contábil has extensive experience in assisting foreign companies that are established in Brazil. It offers a complete package of services in the areas of accounting, tax, people management, financial and corporate. It has professionals fluent in English, German, among others.

Legal Representation

Brazilian law requires foreign investors to have a legal representative (of the company and of the partners), who is resident in the country. This is a necessary service to open bank accounts and represent the company and the partners with suppliers and the government agencies.

Virtual Address

When implementing the new business in the country, with the aim of giving the investor more time to find a suitable address for its headquarters, or even if the company does not wish to invest in an administrative structure, Fortus provides a virtual address. This makes it possible to start operations more quickly.


Brazilian tributary legislation is known for its complexity and the large number of taxes. Fortus works to simplify the life of the investor, offering an adequate structure and trained professionals to make you more relaxed.

Remittance Abroad

Fortus, through its qualified team of professionals, offers all the guidelines for the correct procedures for remittances abroad, whether in the form of distribution of dividends, or in payments of management fee or even royalties. In addition, all the necessary precautions for legal compliance in the subject of transfer pricing are included in the list of Fortus services.


Fortus works together with the CFOs of Brazilian subsidiaries, offering a specialized service for setting up the annual budget. In this way, it contributes to the overall management of the investor’s business in Brazil.


The inflow of funds in Brazil must be registered with the Central Bank (BACEN), either for the payment of capital or for loan operations of the parent company to its Brazilian subsidiaries. The procedure for opening a bank account requires specific documentation, with which we are experienced, which provides the necessary agility in the process. Our team of specialists also assists in the accounts payable and receivable process, in addition to the exchange closing processes.


Fortus has experience in preparing management accounting reports, in compliance with international accounting rules. In addition, this knowledge makes it possible to send customized accounting reports that are appropriate to the reality of each client, working with their own templates for each one.

People Management

Labor relations in Brazil differ significantly from that of other countries. Fortus RH takes care of the entire process, from the selection of the best professionals, employment contracts, payroll processing, administration of benefits, as well as the termination process, taking care of all the procedures necessary to comply with the legislation . The company also offers, through Fortus RH, the service of hiring specialized professionals on behalf of the client. Therefore, in this case, the customer does not need to set up a company in Brazil. This procedure is widely used when the structure is in its initial phase or has a reduced staff.

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